Biomass Energy Engineering Technology Research Center (hereinafter referred to as BEETRC) of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Science (hereinafter referred to as CAAMS) is a reorganized Center from the original Institute of Energy and Power Conversion of CAAMS and the Institute of Renewable Energy and Environment of CAAMS in 2007. BEETRC mainly engaged in the development & research of biomass energy equipment and engineering, and its major research directions include crop straw harvest, storage and transport technology and equipment, forestry biomass harvesting and processing technology and equipment, agricultural biobased material preparation technology and equipment from straw, microalgae energy utilization technology and equipment, as well as dry-wet coupled anaerobic fermentation engineering technology, and edible fungus industrialized production engineering technology. Since 2007, BEETRC successively presided over or completed more than 20 projects of national "863" project, national science and technology support plan, international technology cooperation plan, and national science and technology achievement transformation fund projects and so on. Until now, 15 kinds of new products in 6 major categories have been developed, 20 licensed patents (9 invention patents) obtained, and more than 40 papers published.
Research Direction on Crops Straw Harvest, Storage And Transport Technology And Equipment Focus on the characteristics differences of crop straw in China and the common technical problems restricting the stalk harvest technology and equipment research, we started from 4 kinds of staple crop straws such as cotton, corn, wheat, and rice, and solved following key technologies including cotton stalks lower stubble harvest, forced catching and continuous smooth feeding, chopped by low power consumption and high efficiency, intertexture throwing, and automatic unloading, as well as wheat / rice / corn straws large cross section pre-compression uniform material distribution, the action matching of padding, compression, automatic strapping motion synthesis phase coupling, material compression density sensor feedback control and the knot technology of automatic double knot bundling action synthesis's phase coupling. Both harvesting type and picking up type self-propelled cotton-stalk combine harvesters have been developed, BEETRC has solved the cotton straw large-scale collecting bottleneck problem in major cotton producing areas of China, developed large and medium-sized rectangular picking up banding equipment for wheat / rice / maize straws, realized the wheat and rice straw efficient collecting, formed 4 kinds of crops straw harvest, storage and transport modes suitable for different regions and different planting pattern, and constructed the industrial technology equipment system of crop straw harvest.
Research Direction on Forestry Biomass Harvesting And Processing Technology And Equipment Following technologies have been studied including efficient flat stubble harvest of wood class energy plant, orderly leading-in and cutting, finished product crushed material throw and low stubble lossless cutting of Salix mongolica and Caragana korshinskii, and developed the high efficient flat stubble cutting irrigation, chopped, throwing incorporate integrative combined machine, also including the feedback feeding control technology under chopped working condition, and the remote control manipulator technology with multiple degrees of freedom and high sensitivity; developed movable stem cutters suitable for tree branches, wooden straw, wood processing waste and high-density board raw materials.
Research Direction on Straw Preparation Agricultural Biobased Materials Technology And Equipment The forming mechanism of straw preparation agricultural biobased materials and the dryforming technology of straw fiber have been researched, controllable degradation technology using straws for preparing agriculture biobased materials has been overcome, developed straw biobased materials forming equipment and production matching equipment, as well as the seedling pot for agricultural production.
Research Direction on Dry-wet Coupled Anaerobic Fermentation Engineering Technology Aim at the features that some materials (such as livestock and poultry manure, straw and so on) have high viscosity and are rich in solid particles and grass fiber, the continuous dry anaerobic fermentation in airtight condition loading & unloading problem and improving the viscous mixed materials heat and mass transfer efficiency problem have been studied, we used two-stage two-phase anaerobic fermentation technology, broken through the technology problem of system stable operation under the external environment - 20℃, researched and developed the preheat feed mixer, new type dry anaerobic fermentation reactor and real-time on-line testing and automatic control system, and returned the livestock and poultry manure waste produced in the process of livestock and poultry breeding production back to rural life in the form of clean resources such as methane, biogas slurry, biological organic fertilizer and electric energy, extend the food chain and industry chain, and achieved the virtuous cycle of agricultural production internal logistics and energy flow.
Research Direction on Microalgae Energy Utilization Technology And Equipment Research the fine oil-producing microalgae strains screening and domestication based on the waste water cultured, developed the key technology and equipment for microalgae separation and post-harvest processing, realized the oil-producing microalgae large-scale culture based on municipal wastewater or farm waste liquid, and established integrative innovation development system including environmental protection treatment, energy conversion and algal reprocessing and utilization.
Research Direction on Edible Fungi Industrialized Production Engineering And Technology Research the automatic production key technologies in following important links including industrialized produced edible fungi culture medium nutritionally balanced reinforcement, high temperature / constant humidity / asepsis clean environmental protection, liquid strain inoculation, fresh-keeping storage and transportation and dried and so on, research and develop the corollary equipments, create the automatic whole set culture technique technology and equipment for edible fungus bottle cultivation with low energy consumption and high yield and high efficiency production, and integrate the edible fungi industrialized production automatic whole set system equipment.

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